tattoo liability insurance

Why Tattoo Liability Insurance Is Important

A tattoo is a service and an art. It’s already outside the stigma for most people that only people in prison should get one. Because anyone can get it. There are many reasons why people get tattoos and for the most part its all about the symbolism that a tattoo is representing. Unlike other artists, tattoo artists have a different medium and that is the very skin of their customers.

tattoo liability insuranceThis is tricky because the skin isn’t well known to absorb ink. The tattoo artist has to poke the skin over and over again in order for the skin to absorb the ink and even after a few weeks to a month a customer will return for reapplied ink. Aside from that, the skin is not in a straight surface, its stretchable and has a varied thickness, and feel. Aside from that, not all canvases can take the pain lessening the session time.

It’s not always sunshine: The fact is that not all tattoo sessions yield good results, some are bad. There are many reasons to this like the art sucks, the session was too painful, the artists were too rude and want a different design versus the customer wants and ran with it and many many more. There is a consumer law that protects customers and tattoo services is not an exception.

There are ways to resolve it: There are ways to resolve it legally. But you should try to reach out to the customer first and see if everything can be settled ad not get the issue escalated. If that’s settled, then there’s no problem. But What if it escalated further? Is there any protection to the artists? The creative license doesn’t work in these situations though but it pays to have a tattoo liability insurance.

Tattoo liability insurance is a type of insurance that protects a tattoo artist from any unwanted things that can happen during their art. Getting a tattoo is not always a positive experience. There are many factors to this and that can happen all the time.