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What Is The Need For Green Commercial Cleaning?

Green commercial cleaning is referred to as the cleaning that is done by professional cleaners who are hired by organizations and companies that work in this industry. Green commercial cleaning in organizations can be in house or outsourced depending on the size of the organization and the total revenue generated by the organization in a financial year.

Types of green commercial cleaning: –

There are many types of green commercial cleaning and some of them are industry specific. Let us look at the different types: –

  • Hotel housekeeping – One of the widest users of this type of cleaning is the hotel housekeeping department. Generally, in large hotels, it is in house and specific people who are trained in this field are assigned to do this job but in medium and small-scale hotels, they outsource it from different companies who provide professional cleaners to get the job done. This is generally done because. The cost of maintaining a group of professional cleaners in-house is very high.
  • Office cleaning – This is generally outsourced, and the companies make a contract with the companies who provide commercial cleaners. This is being done to keep the working area clean and tidy so that employees find it easier and motivating to work in that space and that increases productivity.
  • Medical facility cleaning – Professional cleaning in medical facilities is very important as these areas are exposed the most to germs and bacteria and different types of infection. Professional cleaning is done to avoid cross contamination of infections between patients and to ensure proper well-being of the patients.
  • Vents and ventilation cleaning – This type of cleaning is done in areas consisting of vents and ventilators. This is done to avoid dust from outside to pile over the vents and affect the health of people.
  • Window cleaning – It is done to give the office building a spic and span and professional look. It also provides better visibility.

green commercial cleaning is done by professional cleaners who are trained to clean a place in such a way that it looks like new. There are different categories in this type of cleaning, and it is mainly done keeping in mind the health and safety measures of people. Professional cleaning is widely used in the hospitality industry in organizations like hotels and hospitals.