aluminium profile

Types of aluminum profiles

The architectural and constructional aluminum profile is used for the manufacture of enclosing and window and door structures, the creation of facades, equipment for exhibition and commercial premises. And also a building profile made of aluminium extrusion singapore, created according to drawings, is used for interior decoration of premises for various purposes.

 Transport profile : It is used in aircraft, ship and automotive industries and in the manufacture of passenger and freight elevators. To create them, profiles from aluminum alloys of grades are used: A2, A6, D1, A5, 1560, 1915, etc.

Electrotechnical profile : In its creation, profiles are used, extruded from aluminum alloys of grades: AD1, AD0, AD31. This type of aluminum profile is needed for the manufacture of heat exchangers, convectors, refrigeration equipment, electric buses, air conditioners and radiator elements.

The universal (standard) profile is corners, T-bars, channels, etc. One can distinguish such a segment of consumption of this profile as the manufacture of sports equipment: camping equipment, autocar parts, gymnastic equipment.

For the production of all this, an extruded aluminum profile with an increased protection class is required. This profile was named after the manufacturing method. The profile is produced using such technology as extrusion, i.e., forcing a heated aluminum billet through a die.

This aluminum profile has characteristics such as high wear resistance and strength, which makes it possible to use it in structures of complex configuration and in such buildings where reliability and safety are important.

Extruded aluminum profiles are produced with wall thicknesses, usually from 0.8 mm and more, and are additionally equipped with stiffeners, which are responsible for the strength of the structure.