Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard Software for Employees

The employee’s clock software is part of the time clock software and provides the best way to monitor the effectiveness of employee hours worked.

This software helps to get rid of regular paper cards.

This watch automatically calculates working hours, overtime and off-hours payment in an easy-to-use hourly management system. By using automated clock software, employees can increase efficiency and eliminate or minimize errors associated with manual calculation. In addition, the employee is confident that all hours worked will be effectively monitored and sequentially calculated for salary processing. In addition, employees who work by the hour only need to press a few keys and not click on an old mechanical watch to start their work day.

Managers can more effectively measure the effectiveness of each unit.

Time Clock Wizard

The timer software keeps accurate time records and allows each employee to enter and exit easily. You can easily and efficiently track the time spent on various projects. The automated program fully manages time data and employee profiles. In addition, it facilitates employee planning and saves a lot of time in manual tracking. Clock software is also an ideal option for existing work schedules, where flexible Time Clock Wizard and multiple shifts are very common.

Some of these programs are so advanced that they can identify and document recurrent chronic or habitual absenteeism as well as enumerate absenteeism by category for each employee.


This is a comprehensive and complete software solution to manage work time, assistance, vacations, sick leave and vacations. Employee monitoring software provides real-time collection, management and distribution of employee hours.