Things to know about disc protrusion

Disk herniation is the result of gradual, aging-related wear and tear called disk degeneration. As you age, your disks become less flexible and prone to tearing with even a minor strain. The disc protrusion singapore is a type of spinal disc herniation. It is a common form of intervertebral disc damage. Degenerative changes might cause the discs to weaken, provide less support and move out of a place from between the vertebrae.

The degenerative changes the increase of wear and tear, injuries or tears. The primary classification of disc herniation includes disc protrusion, disc extrusion and disc sequestration. The herniation mostly develops in the cervical spine and lumbar spine. The low back and neck bear the most weight. The disc protrusion singapore can be undetected for even years.

Spinal changes are a normal thing as we age, and many people live pain-free with disc protrusion. Some people experience pain, weakness, and loss of movement from protruding discs. If you do not opt for the treatment immediately, the disc protrusion will worsen and cause a long term back and neck pain. If you make the proper lifestyle changes, then you could live happily without any pain.

With simple procedures, you could reduce pain and restore mobility without high risks. Many cases heal naturally with rest and conservative measures. If persistent pain and weakness are affecting your ability, then a doctor may recommend surgical options. Thus, knowledge about the disc protrusion and get the right treatment procedure if you are suffering from the pain.