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The art of accident investigation

Collision investigators are often instructed in unusual cases

Most of their work comes from LSC-funded instructions, although they see an increase in the number of instructions funded by insurance companies. One of the cases I discovered recently was the case of a French truck driver who was accused of causing death due to careless driving. The driver insurance company was looking for a collision investigator and an experienced transport expert who could share his experience to investigate the causes of the accident.

The expert’s opinion was that it was necessary to study the following factors: the time required for women (pensioners) to reach the impact point, their visibility, given that an object that moves slower in peripheral vision is much less obvious time spent on reducing the speed of transport means in its mass during a collision at different speeds, the line of sight from the vehicle through the cab, taking into account the weight of the driver (this type of vehicle has an adjustable driver’s seat air that falls when applying the driver’s weight), any other vehicle defect that could lead to performance below its normal standard, regardless of whether the driver was within his tachograph, as Fatigue is the key to erosion and a thorough reading of the investigator’s report police to find out if they are all examined. TORs.

In this case, the investigator had to get to the place where the vehicle was located, which in this case was France

His inspection of the vehicle showed that the driver would have a better idea of ​​the point of impact than farther from him. Since a microscopic analysis of the tachograph revealed a speed of no more than 23 miles per hour and that the consultant was able to calculate the deceleration speed when braking, he was able to restore what was visible from the point where the pedestrian stepped on the sidewalk to his impact. with a vehicle to explain the complexity of a jury accident investigation canonsburg pa, various elements came together in the form of a report, plan, photo album, and DVD video.

accident investigation canonsburg paThe result for the driver was that in this case he made a mistake with the terrible consequence of the death of an elderly woman. The exact reason for the driver’s ignorance will be known only to him. From a legal point of view, they were able to report that it was unlikely that they would be able to build reasonable protection, and the insurance company was informed accordingly.

What does this tell us about the world of an accident investigator?

At the very least, it shows a role as diverse and complex as possible. Nowadays, we don’t worry about the mechanism of how this type of research works behind the scenes, however, when studied, it turns out to be a fascinating world.