webbing sling

Round Slings vs. Webbing Slings

When your job requires heavy lifting then you will know that the sling is required as the heavy loads. Different types of slings can be used for working in dangerous conditions. It is also important that you can make use of the safety lifting equipment for minimizing the risk in your job. Round slings and webbing sling are the most popular types of slings. Below you will read about the difference between the two, which one can be used, and what are their benefits? Both the pros and cons are been discuss here. By reading this you can decide which one is best for you.

Webbing Slings

Webbing slings are made up of polyester and are design for lifting heavy loads. The range of polyester webbing slings is suitable for loading 0-6 tones. Webbing slings are lightweight, flexible, and have a wide surface of bearing. This will help in protecting the load while lifting. Webbing slings are very useful types of slings that will help in minimizing the shock in the loading. Polyester webbing slings are mostly found in the maintenance department. There is a various range of webbing slings which are been offered for a variety of hooks for supporting them.

Round Slings

Round slings are having a loop of yarns that are covered by a tubular jacket. This round sling helps lift between 1 to 30 tonnes. There is the presence of polyester yarn in the round slings which is having a protective polyester sleeve that can ensure the safety of durability of the heavy loads.