How To Decorate Cookies with the Help of Sugar Dough?

The design in sugar dough is an art that can be learned through workshops and professional courses. There are also sessions for parties and events where cookies, candies, and Cup cookies are decorated.

The required materials:

  • A delicious cookie can be shaped by baking in a shape mold (cheese cookies and mousse are not suitable for coating and decorating using the sugar dough).
  • Sugar dough – ready-made sugar dough can be purchased in different colors in specialized stores.
  • Gel food colors – (can be purchased in specialized stores).
  • Clean toothpick.

Preparation of the sugar dough

Dust on a clean surface with cornstarch powder. Place the dough on the surface and knead until you get a comfortable and flexible dough. Form a dimple in the sugar dough, dip the clean toothpick, take a little of the food coloring, and put it in the dough dimple. Put the dough and repeat until you get the desired shade.

Cookie topping in sugar dough:

After cooling the cookie, coat it with melted jam or flavored cream. The coating allows for more precise and lighter work with sugar dough. The coating is used as an adhesive for the sugar dough. The cookie is expected on all sides, even on the margins.

Repeat the action of working with the sugar dough. Sprinkle on a clean work surface a little cornstarfell or powdered sugar. Put the dough well in your hands until the dough that we have “colored” is soft and pleasant so that no cracks are formed after coating.

Roll out the dough in a rolling pin to a uniform thickness, reaching a thickness of between an inch and two. Place a rolling pin in the center of the dough and fold the dough over it for a light and comfortable lift. Place the dough gently on the cookie for full coverage. Gently tighten the dough into the cookie and gently “iron” the dough.

Cut the remaining leftovers around

Sculpted figures, sculpted flowers, and other sugar dough decorations can be added on top of the cookie. It is customary to decorate cookies for adults with humorous figures or designs taken from the happy owner’s fields of occupation and hobbies.

If you wonder how to decorate cookies to invest in an extraordinary event, you will find dozens of artists specializing in designing sugar dough.