Greece as a cradle of Tourism

Tourism is an important source of revenue for Greece. That is because it is a top tourist destination in Europe. Greece has been a cross-hold of cultures and civilizations since ancient times. It has a rich history and culture and has ample to show the world.

Filled with remnants of the medieval world and wineries that are around a 100 years old, almost every country has tourist packages for Greece. There are weekend packages, European wine tours Greece and cooking vacations and plenty of other options for the enthusiasts.


Greece enjoys a Mediterranean climate as it is situated along the coast. It also has a collection of islands. The islands have a continental climate. Summers are hot and winters are cold. However, none of the climates are too extreme and hence tourists frequent Greece all year round.


Tourism is old

In Greece, tourism isn’t a new industry. It can be traced back to as ancient times as is the Greek civilization. Tourism between Greek colonies and the Roman empire was commonplace with the exchange of ideas and culture.

In the modern history, Greece became a tourist hotspot starting 1960’s. Gradually, tourism exploded as an industry with international visitors soaring over the years. Hosting international events like 2004 Olympic Games and Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 also encouraged the industry to flourish and develop in the recent years.

Greece has in store

Greece has a lot in store for its visitors. If you are looking for natural beauty, Greece is not lacking. If you are looking for civilization as old as time, Greece has it all. Modern developments such as marinas and spas are in abundance too. There are around 752 thermal springs in Greece as well. Museums and ancient archeological sites decorate almost all cities of Greece. The list is exhaustive. Exotic beaches and sports like skiing are common.

Ready to go

So its time you pack your stuff for a wonderful vacation to Greece. Get your tour packages based on your budget and time. You could choose a cuisine holiday to taste the great food while you visit or a European wine tours Greece, the end result would definitely be a great time.