egf hydrating cream

Get To Know More About EFG Skincare Singapore

In today’s world skincare products are in high demand. The skincare industry is getting so large with each passing day. Everyday skincare companies launch a new product with new ingredients and claim to give various benefits. Likewise, there is a new skincare ingredient rising in the skincare market and it is named Epidermal Growth Factor. The egf skincare singapore has several benefits to keep our skin healthy and fresh.

What is the Epidermal Growth Factor aka EFG?

Epidermal Growth Factor is known to use as a medicine for fast recovery of wounds. It is also beneficial for various skin-related problems such as reducing wrinkles, improving hydration, and helps in reducing pigmentation. Chemically Epidermal Growth Factor is a single chain and non-glycosylated protein that is naturally produced by our skin cells. The EFG works as a wonderful healing substance and helps to recover skin along with corneal, intestinal, and mucosal wounds.

How does the Epidermal Growth Factor (EFG) work on our skin?

It acts as a healing agent and helps to restore damagedskin and skin cells. The main aim of epidermal growth factor serum is to heal the damaged skin by promoting DNA synthesis and cell proliferation. It does it works by binding the damaged skin cells and sending them a signal to behave like young and healthy cells.

EFG provides many benefits to your skin. It helps to lock hydration within the skin cells along with eliminating wrinkles and prevents pigmentation.