Different Kinds of Wall Murals

Different Kinds of Wall Murals – Make Sure You Choose the Right One for Your Home

Murals are generally used as the decorations, for brightening up your staid and dull walls. They will add color to your walls as well as create the delightful atmosphere in your rooms. The murals are used outdoors and indoors and come in different varieties.  There are many different kinds of wall murals that include printed murals, Ceramic murals and tile murals.

Painted Murals are famous among kids

The painted murals are the ones where the wall surface is painted. Basis of its design painted is pre-decided. These designs are either created in the clay or on the ceramic leaves, before designing an actual wall mural. The painted murals are very popular with kids. They will get involved in this entire process, from conceptualization of a theme, to assembling and manufacturing them.

tile murals

Tile murals will give perfect look to your room

Tile murals, like the name says, are painted on tiles and fixed on your walls. The tile murals have got the quality to make any cold and dull place to look interesting and attractive. The ordinary bathroom tiles are used for this purpose. These tiles are cut in pieces that depend on its design. They are painted by using englaze enamel. The murals are small or big and give the new look to your room and exteriors.

Ceramic murals are artistic

Ceramic murals are designed of mirror, mosaic, ceramic and tiles pieces. They are the best portrayals of creative and artistic skills. Ceramic designs are made with clay & baked in kiln. The ceramic murals are very long and generally inspired by the canvasses.