Different Bookshelf ideas for book lovers to arrange books

Different Bookshelf ideas for book lovers to arrange books

In-office or home, a wood bookshelf singapore is an important piece of furniture that needs to store books perfectly. They are made with different ideas to keep the books and handle them easily.

Metal Bookshelf

The vertical metal strip attached to the wall is called the metal bookshelf. In that, you can place the books upside down after stop reading. It is easy to take whenever you want to start reading the book. To make it beautiful, the metal strips can be painted as per your wish.

Ladder Bookshelf

You can place the books on the rungs of the ladder when it is placed horizontally to the wall that looks like a beautiful bookshelf. If you have an old ladder then it is better to keep the collection of books and magazines.

You can also make use of step ladders that is also another useful bookshelf idea. But you need two of these, to make stand parallel and place the wooden planks between the ladder that balanced by two ladders. That keeps attracting and books in order. 

Roped Bookshelf idea:

It is a simple idea and easy to make bookshelf. You can pierce the hole on the two sides of wooden planks and connect them with ropes and hang them on walls. You can place the books on hanging wooden planks that look beautiful.

Wooden pallet bookshelf

It is made by attaching the wood bookshelf singapore pallets to the wall. It is a cost-effective method to place books and photo frames. They are also used to make creative and useful things.