Sketching is an art that you can start learning anytime in life. Taking baby steps and starting easy, you can progress to the levels of an artist if you are patient and consistent. However, there are a number of mistakes that beginners make and don’t understand. So, here’s a list of tips regarding how to sketch and to avoid mistakes.

  1. Start by practicing basic shapes

Drawing might seem complex, but when you break it down, it is all basic shapes. This is why when you see the sketch book of a person taking sketching classes; it always starts with basic shapes. You can spot these basic shapes everywhere on the internet. You should begin by drawing the shapes and then giving them the contours. Also, as you draw and as you repeat it a several times, you will be able to figure the right grip for yourself. Once you have the right grip, visit us for different tutorials will get easier.

  1. Let your grip loose

Mostly when we write, we have a relatively tighter grip. However, drawing requires you to have a looser grip so that your pencil moves freely. Your grip also depends on the strokes that you want to make. This is something you would slowly know as you practice.

  1. Avoid smudging

So many beginners get really disappointed as they try to draw, they witness smudging which kills the charm of the sketch. The best way to go about drawing in order to avoid smudge is to start from the opposite side. This means if you are left handed, you should start from the right and if you are right-handed, start from the left. You can also avoid smudging by placing a piece of paper beneath your hand.

  1. Use tracing paper

As a beginner, you are trying to master the skills of sketching rather than precisely drawing the outline free handedly. This is why it is okay to use a tracing paper in the beginning. When you have a proper and perfect outline, sketching becomes easier. However when you start free handed, the outline itself would be messed up, leaving no room for a good sketching practice.

  1. Try drawing something that you see

You can practice the light and dark elements by keeping a simple object and placing a torch by its side. You can try to draw what you see. Make sure the object is of a basic shape. This will help you learn how to draw a 3D object.

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