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An air-dried food is a modern approach towards the diet of the pets which is totally different from the natural preserving process. This technique is slow and gentle. It took two stages to prepare food by eliminating pathogenic bacteria and prevents the nutrients in the food. Air dried dog food in Singapore mainly consists the 96% meat, organs and bones in it. Online store for dog food is available where you can order air-dried food for your pets. One of the websites is https://www.pawpykisses.com/collections/dehydrated-freeze-dried-dog-treats which provides you with dried food.

The air-drying process is the middle process between freeze drying and dehydration process using heat, which is a traditional technique. Air drying is a unique procedure that is so good for the pet’s food. It is almost real food because it is not cooked. It is prepared by evaporating the moisture of the raw food at room temperature without the heat. It means that almost all the nutrients are remaining in the food with minimal damage to enzymes, proteins, vitamins etc. they contain no chemicals and preservatives in it that affect the food badly. This food doesn’t require refrigerating so that it is easy for your pets to eat. It is also useful as it is light weighted and convenient while traveling. When we compare freezes drying and air-drying food you will get air-dried is better. As in frozen food they placed in a strong vacuum which raised temperature slightly and makes food into the ice form.