All About op guide

The Operator 오피가이드 has consistently remained below the level of proficient players for not being adequately lethal, but it is still perhaps the best weapon in Valiant. Snipers in Valorant are regularly scrutinized for being a bit slow, but these weapons are still preferred because of the high damage rate. Multiple players lean towards the Operator for a single shot the kill potential can be deadly when equipped with the right specialist.

Operator details, damage rate, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg

The Operator has no fall damage in range, which increases its suitability. The weapon deals similar damage in the 0-50m territory. The Operator has the most notable damage per shot among the various firearms in the game. It removes at least 100 and a 255 welfare cap on the slug pool. Nevertheless, these highlights have a high cost of 4700 credits.

While the Operator undoubtedly has many elements that set it aside as the strongest weapon in the game, it also has some downsides. The sniper may call one in specific circumstances because of the significant load, leaving one defenseless as a rule. To top it off, the slow setup time doesn’t help with escaping or choosing to duel a rifler nearby fights.

A Strong Choice 

The Operator can be a strong choice, but it won’t constantly dominate the matches. Using OP on the aggressor’s side can negatively affect the score and the entire group if one is not exceptionally good at it. If one is a strong player that is a definite skill for the team, one may need to try not to use Sniper.

Utilizing the operator on the aggressor side of a small guide like Bind will hurt the party economy, slow downtime, and ultimately lose the game. However, go ahead and choose the massive firearm assuming one is playing with a big guide like Breeze and her group needs one to watch from the flank. On the protective side of Breeze or Ascension, it is energetically prescribed to set the Operator sooner rather than later in the guide to keep the soldiers of fortune in check.