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3 Reasons for Low Testosterone Level

Testosterone is an essential hormone in the formation of the male phenotype in the body. It often aids in the maturation of male features, the development of lean muscle mass, endurance, and other significant functions. After the age of 30, it begins to fall year by year, which results in low testosterone levels in 19 to 39 percent of older men. Men with low T want the best testosterone booster that can help them with symptoms like decreased muscle mass and energy.

Cause of low testosterone: –

  • Growing old: The primary cause of decreased testosterone may be aging. When males reach puberty, around the ages of 12 or 13, their testosterone levels skyrocket. This testosterone boost often lasts until the age of 30, after which it begins to drop. You can explore more and obtain solutions to most of your issues by clicking here at
  • Heavy drink: Heavy drinkers have mostly poor testicular function than those who drink moderately. Acute alcohol consumption is known to produce a short-term decrease in testosterone release by negatively influencing your brain and pituitary gland. According to research, testosterone levels might drop as soon as 30 minutes after consuming alcohol.
  • Hereditary: Scientists now strongly feel that low testosterone is hereditary and have identified genetic markers for it. Males who have three or more of these markers were nearly seven times more effective in lowering testosterone than those who have none.

There are numerous causes of low testosterone that must identify and treated. You can increase its level by reducing body fat and living a healthy lifestyle.